Presents our THIRD multi-author, #1 International Best Seller:

Wounds To Wisdom Cover.png

Print Release Date: February 3, 2022!

All book proceeds for Wounds To Wisdom are being donated in support of SHWAS: An organization that provides educational support, solutions and opportunities to the children of Gujarat, India

Our first men's multi-author, #1 International Best Seller:

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This book and its proceeds are dedicated to the Adopt a Youth Foundation—an incredible mission based out of Jamaica, that aims to reshape our future by empowering our youths.


We hope that the stories inside this book inspire others to embrace the highest and healthiest expression of their masculine energy—encouraging those who read this to live as a shining beacon for the younger generations.


We may not be able to rewrite the past, but we can be a part of the change that creates our future.

Our first and International Best Selling Book: 

Thirteen Women Share Their Stories of Healing, Transformation & Rising in Their Sacred Service

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“Honest, intimate, moving, unassumingly instructive.”
Book and proceeds are dedicated to the Native Women’s Association of Canada

About Soulfully Aligned Publishing:

Founding partners, Sandra Rodriguez Bicknell International best-selling author and writing coach and Vanessa Ferraro a leading 6-Figure Service Based Online Business Strategist, launched out of
COVID -19 a publishing house based in Toronto, Canada.

These two powerhouses are raising the bar making an impact by publishing multi author books featuring coaches, healers, spiritual teachers, workshop facilitators, and health practitioners. Souls living their sacred purpose, serving their communities, and upholding a deep desire to change the world with their work.

Books published will have a nonprofit partner involved giving proceeds and growing awareness of
the work they do out in the world.



Do you have dreams of being a published author?
Do you believe it takes years of secluding yourself in a small cabin in the forest just to get it done?
Do you know that publishing a book is something you WANT but aren’t sure if now is the

right time or the rightmove for your business?

Expand your reach and grow your business like never before.​

Imagine how being a best-selling author can…

Raise your credibility and open up new doors of opportunity…

Put your message in-front of thousands of new people…

Get you on any podcast that you want…

Who we wish to collaborate with are ... coaches, healers, spiritual teachers, workshop facilitators, and

health practitioners. Souls living their sacred purpose, serving their communities, and upholding a deep desire to change the world with their work.

If selected, you'll author your very own chapter inside one of our BOOKS (yes, an actual, physical book) alongside a line-up of other incredible souls!

Love, Peace and Harmony 



Sandra Rodriguez Bicknell is a Cuban American, International Best-selling Author,  Book Coach and Certified Tao Hands Practitioner. 
Sandra empowers agents of change and transformation; coaches, healers and facilitators of all modalities to write their book,  make an impact, and ultimately, to create massive change in the lives of thousands.

Sandra wrote her memoir, Cuts of A Diamond, where she talks about my perspective on love, forgiveness and human nature and now leads her writing programs to those who want to anchor their message through writing their first book.
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Vanessa Ferraro is a Leading Soul-Based Business Strategist, CEO of The Wealthy Goddess Immersion, and Certified Tao Hands Practitioner.

Featured on spiritual networks like RA MA TV, Vanessa bridges strategy with spirituality to lead a new paradigm of business—one that empowers you with the soul, systems, and skills you need to serve more people from the heart and make 6-figures with ease and alignment.

The core of her mission is to support humanity to rise into their highest alignment—in wealth, business, and spirituality.


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Sabrina Mabel Nicholson, Author 

Since childhood, it has been a dream to become a published author. When I saw that Sandra and Vanessa we’re launching a multi author book, I am imediately knew I wanted to be part of this project. The writing process was beautiful cathartic and healing for me. I let go of difficult memories and emotions from the past and was able to find peace with myself and people in my life. Since becoming a published author in July 2021, my writing has already been excepted into a reputable spiritual magazine and have been invited to speak at well being conferences.

Olivia D _edited.jpg

Olivia Dydyna,

Agreeing to do this project was the most profound yes I could have ever imagined. This journey created the space and accountability need it for me to gain clarity on my location and provide a safe container for me to explore all parts of myself. The act of writing out my story was healing in itself as I made connections to life experiences that I didn’t know existed prior. Plus I met 12 amazing woman and look forward to co-creating again in the future.

Reva Wild _edited.jpg

Reva Wild,

What I’m still baffled by is how easy this magical process was, and I had to write my chapter on my phone because my laptop broke! Sandra and Vanessa made it so peaceful and smoother to bring one of my deepest stories and my service alive in this book. I’m already planning my first solo novel after the deeply transformative experience finally becoming an author and truly standing in the power of my voice and embodiment. I cannot thank soulfully aligned Publishing enough. I’m an author and an international best selling one at that